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Diversity and Equality (as featured on Radio 4's PM programme)

Diversity and Equality (as featured on Radio 4's PM programme)

Making diversity more than a fancy management term. Focussed on how staff and managers can genuinely accept all others regardless of ethnicity, preferences etc and the great things that can happen when they do. It is about honest human interaction without unhelpful barriers.

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  • The difference between accepting and positively promoting diversity
  • Visible vs invisible characteristics of culture
  • Awareness of the true breadth of diversity
  • ‘Maps of the world’ concept and its application
  • Communication as the key to managing diversity
  • Key areas to watch out for differences
  • Rapport in any language with anyone
  • Perceptual positions
  • (Relevant legal aspects can be tailored and included as appropriate to your organisation and industry)


  • Understand clearly what constitutes ‘walking the talk’ in terms of promoting diversity
  • Allow for the invisible elements of communication which are affected by the background and thinking style of another individual.
  • Understand the full breadth of diversity and why it is an important aspect of managing within the organisation
  • Able to deal with different attitudes to hierarchy, flexibility, work-life balance etc
  • Allow for a broad range of thinking styles and preferences when communicating
  • Use simple skills to build rapport with people independent of language
  • Use a variety of simple communication techniques to connect with a diverse team
  • Apply simple techniques to appreciate another’s perspective and apply this awareness to their interaction and management of that person


We make sure that learning continues beyond the classroom

  • E-prompts: behavioural reminders and coaching style questions to maximise learning
  • Action cards: self-addressed cards with action reminders
  • Online questionnaire: measure the impact of the programme


"Doing this with a good mix of French and British has really helped to get assumptions out in the open whilst having some fun" - participant industry, construction

"The excercise where we say how other cultures might describe us was very useful" - participant industry, construction


Our results and service quality are exemplary. We know because we listen to our clients. We offer a rock solid money back guarantee to prove it. We guarantee that:

  • Workshop participant feedback will at least be consistently good about the facilitator and the workshop
  • You will look back on your investment and be completely satisfied that we were the right choice of provider for you and your organisation


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