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New Manager Masterclass

New Manager Masterclass

An engaging and practical programme tailored for your new managers or managers with little formal development. Covers the role of the manager, motivation and delegation, managing teams, resource management, handling difficult people and developing staff.


  • The role and skill set of an excellent manager
  • Managing the inward and outward success of your team
  • Groups vs teams
  • Developing the team – what to do at each stage in the life-cycle of a team
  • Delegation – the art of getting results through other people
  • Why delegate? What stops managers delegating?
  • How to delegate - four different styles of delegation to develop the team
  • How to give feedback that feeds forward and develops individuals
  • Motivational models that highlight what managers can practically do to motivate staff
  • Separating 'your position' from 'your person'
  • Personality models used to understand how people are different rather than difficult
  • True diversity and inclusion and how to make it work for you


  • Identify the skills they already have that work well and those that need to be developed
  • Identify the team’s stakeholders and their expectations
  • Establish whether they manage a group or a team
  • Identify the actions they need to take at each stage of the lifecycle of a team to encourage team and individual performance
  • Identify the advantages and pitfalls of instruction. ‘How’ vs ‘Why’ questions.
  • Choose a delegation style that is appropriate for the development level of the individual and the task in hand
  • Use TRUST ME as a check list for a successful delegation process
  • Identify how, where and when to give feedback for improved performance
  • Spot the overt and covert signs that tell you when someone is de-motivated
  • Motivate their team and answer the questions “Why work here?” and “Why work harder?”
  • Deliver difficult messages without feeling it is a personal statement so that others are clear about when they are being a friend and when they are being a manager
  • Analyse why they find certain people difficult and identify what they can do to deal with them successfully
  • Optimise the rich variation of their team by understanding how to make the most of real diversity


We make sure that learning continues beyond the classroom

  • E-prompts: behavioural reminders and coaching style questions to maximise learning
  • Action cards: self-addressed cards with action reminders
  • Online questionnaire: measure the impact of the programme


"Genius! I thought I'd get a list of stuff I should be doing but instead it was more like a set of tools which I can use to learn as I go/grow" - participant industry, construction

"Very useful to share ideas with others from around the business" - participant industry, media


Our results and service quality are exemplary. We know because we listen to our clients. We offer a rock solid money back guarantee to prove it. We guarantee that:

  • Workshop participant feedback will at least be consistently good about the facilitator and the workshop
  • You will look back on your investment and be completely satisfied that we were the right choice of provider for you and your organisation


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