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Team Working (tailored for your team)

Team Working (tailored for your team)

Use this engaging interactive programme if you want to help your team really tick. It employs simple state-of-the-art techniques to help people connect in a way that suits their individual styles. It builds core skills for all staff levels to know how their behaviours and choices can build or undermine team-play. The end result is a whole greater than the sum of the parts.


  • Co-operating - Relationships make business tick
  • Teams vs. Groups
  • Nesting: team - dept - company
  • Team development stages and their applications
  • Personal preferences - how they are useful and how they get in the way
  • Mutual respect and willingness to help each other
  • Shared responsibility for team (NOT the “it’s not my job, I’m OK” frame on life)
  • How to communicate to all others in your team
  • Multiple team membership – what’s your relationship to the many?
  • Information blockages and solutions
  • (other options are available to allow a close fit to your requirements such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator)


  • Open debate on how meaningful work is usually dependent on the way we interact with others in our teams.
  • Explore the meaning of 'team' including having a common goal
  • How many teams are you part of – what’s the bigger picture and how does your micro team fit with the macro team(s)? What can you do to serve them all concurrently with no more effort?
  • Practise exercises in small teams with group debrief to see how stages of teams evolve in their own experience.
  • Participants explore what they should do at each team development stage. Ties that bind teams together.
  • Know the importance of serving each other as you would be served.
  • Understand their own personal type of operating and how it fits or clashes with others and what they can do about it.
  • Winners (inc teams) tend to be the most flexible to deal with the vagaries of real situations. Use Belbin team roles model with self-assessment questions to explore which roles they take on and which they need to develop in personally.
  • Explore how much effort they should spend on each team they are in by using evaluation process analogous to Boston Matrix (cash cows, dead dogs, rising stars and problem children metaphors).
  • Each person produces a personal tailored check-list which relates to their own demonstration of their values of belonging to and operating in a team.


We make sure that learning continues beyond the classroom

  • E-prompts: behavioural reminders and coaching style questions to maximise learning
  • Action cards: self-addressed cards with action reminders
  • Online questionnaire: measure the impact of the programme


"Spot on. Everyone here should do this course." - participant industry, Financial Services

"Really got the team buzzing" - participant industry, IT

"Useful to get people to look forwards instead of backwards" - participant industry, NFP


Our results and service quality are exemplary. We know because we listen to our clients. We offer a rock solid money back guarantee to prove it. We guarantee that:

  • Workshop participant feedback will at least be consistently good about the facilitator and the workshop
  • You will look back on your investment and be completely satisfied that we were the right choice of provider for you and your organisation


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